How to calculate your measurements

Working out the amount of flooring that you need is quite a simple process.  Simply follow these steps and you should be able to calcuate exactly how much flooring you will need to complete your project:-       

Step 1; Measure every angle of your room:-


Step 2; Convert you measurements into metres:-



Method Example
Feet converted into metres Mutiply by 0.3048 20ft x 0.3048 = 6.096 metres
Inches converted into metres Divide by 12 then multiply by 0.3048 278" / 12 = 23.16ft x 0.3048 = 7.06 metres
Centimetres converted into metres Move the decimal place 346 centimetres = 3.46 metres


Step 3; Divide your room into sections where possible and label with letters:-


Step 4; Once the room has been sectioned off simply multiply one angle by the other:-


Section A - 4.66m x 0.91m = 4.24m2

Section B - 3.41m x 1.80m = 6.14m2

Step 5; Once you have all the area, simply add them together to get a total area:-


4.24 + 6.14 = 10.38m2

Step 6; You will always need to allow for wastage (off cuts) so the most simple way of calculating this is by adding 7% to your total area size:-


10.38m2 + 10% = 11.48m2



Calculating Bay Windows

The most simple and effective way of calculating bay windows is by squaring the bay off and not adding wastage to the area.  There are probably 101 different mathematical ways of calculating them but this way is effective enough to get the approximate area size needed to calcuate how much flooring you need.


Calculating Beading/Skirting

To calcuate how much beading or skirting boards you need, you will need to measure the linear metres.  Simply use the measurements from around the room and add them together to calculate how much is required.


4.66 + 0.91 + 1.25 + 1.80 + 3.41 + 2.71 = 14.74 linear metres

Remember to subtract any doorways from this measurement!

All you have to do now is simply divide your total linear metres by the length of the beading/skirting.  For example:-

14.74 linear metres / 2.4m (beading length) = 6.14 (7 lengths required)

How Many Packs Do I Need?

A lot of people get confused when it comes to working out exactly how many packs of flooring they actually need.  It's actually quite simple.  All flooring manufactures will have different pack sizes for various different products due to different thicknesses, widths, packaging etc. Most flooring retailers will advertise the metre square price but will sell it by the pack so you need to find out exactly what the pack size is of your desired flooring.

For example:-

1 pack of Oak laminate flooring contains 2.398m2 of flooring.  You have an area of 34m2 so simply divide the area size by the pack size:-

34m2 / 2.398 = 14.17 (14 or 15 packs - depending on how much wastage you've added)

Be warned though that it may be worth checking out with the retailer what their returns policy is because some may NOT take back unused packs of flooring at all or may incurr a re-stocking fee.  However it is always handy to hold onto a pack or two in case you ever have damages you want to repaire and the manfacture has discontinued your flooring.