Installing Laminate in Bathrooms

Many people will say that installing laminate, engineered or solid wood flooring in bathrooms is not a good idea because water will damage the flooring.  Although to an extent this is true, you should not be detered from laying these products in your bathroom as with a little extra effort when installing your flooring and a little care after it is installed you should have no problems at all with your flooring. 

For all types of wood and laminate flooring the following method can be used to help prevent any water damaging your flooring:-

1) When installing your flooring lightly bead all joints with PVA glue.  This will prevent any water running through the joints. Alternatively there are products available on the market especially for this called 'seam sealers' or 'joint sealants' which will do exactly the same job.

2) Once your flooring has been laid fill all expansion gaps with a silicoln.  This will still allow the flooring to expand but will prevent any water running down the joints and rotting either your subfloor or new flooring.

That's it!  Water will generally not cause damage to the face of any product whether it be laminate or solid wood flooring as they have protective layers on unless left on there for a long period of time.  With a little care in the bathroom (drying up any water spillages when you get out of the bath or shower) your flooring should last you for long as it should laid in any other room of your house.

Please be aware though that very few manufactures will guarantee their products to be installed in bathrooms due to the obvious reasons.  There are a few manufactures that make so called 'bathroom' laminates etc but you will find that if you read the small print they will not actually guarantee their products for safe installation in bathrooms.