Stair Nosings

It has become very fashionable in recent years or people to install wood flooring or laminate flooring on their stair cases which can transform a stair case into a beautiful feature of any room.  Although very time consuming, it is actually quite a straight forward task to achieve. 

Most stair nosings for solid wood flooring can be installed after the flooring has been laid but ensure you check this out before you start your project. Laminate stair nosings usually have a specially designed system and will require you to fully read the instructions provided to enable you to successfully complete your project.

The following method can be used when laying solid wood flooring with a 'bullnosed' stair case. Be sure to work out the thickness of your flooring and the depth of the bullnosing as you may find that the thickness of the flooring will be thick enough to come flush with the edge of the bullnose so you do not need to carry out the following:-

1) Measure the height and width of the upright steps and then cut pieces of ply or MDF for each upright.

2) Nail / screw these pieces of ply/MDF to each upright.

3) Install the flooring up the stair case by either nailing or clicking the flooring together.

4) Always be sure to leave an expansion gap on either side which can be hidden under the risers and can also be neatened up using colour sealant.

5) Install stair nosings on each step.